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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hi hi hi,

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, than turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta

Well I am not exactly telling a story- but sharing with you the thrill of traveling budget yet comparable to any extravagant vacation you could only dream of. So If this is what you’re looking for, read on.

Disclaimer: I hate dirty and crummy toilets / skimpy and dark places and (always) shield myself away from dark and quiet hotels/ motels. Backpacking for me even, has to be at least proper and with a certain standard of hygiene which I deem appropriate.
So before you start thinking that budget means poor quality, you’re wrong. Well of course you can’t expect a cherry on top but well good enough. What matters is how you manage your costs, and use the (cheapo) skills to create a better trip. Don’t let your burning pockets stop you from traveling!

To kick off, I’m sharing with you my travel itinerary to Maldives in 2014.
In times to come, I will share more itinerary (at cheaper prices) or of the same pricing range.

I chose to share Maldives because I’ve had friends who have been longing to go/ so here, I’m sharing my two cents worth (and guts) for those who would like to give it a go!

6 days in Maldives with S$1500. (EST cost below per pax – price may vary according to month/ seasons)
Flight: Tiger air S$355 – 4 hours 30 mins flight time.
Hotel: Kaani Village & Spa, Maafushi USD$50/night (Half board/ triple sharing)
Activities (per pax $USD) :
• Discover Scuba Diving $80
• Dolphin Watching $30
• Cycling FREE
• Night Fishing $40
• Snorkelling FREE
• Picnic Island (BBQ + Private island sightseeing) $80

We brought food from home for lunch aka cup noodles / Maggi mee / biscuits & snacks and we had that for lunch. Occasionally we ate in the hotel – which costs a little higher but still within budget.

We arrived at the airport and well I’m not exaggerating but it’s like going out into a swimming pool. Super clear, super cool, super duper everything (kiasu because it was my first time) and my friends and I took photos while waiting for the speedboat to picked us up.

30 minutes after our speedboat ride (well we could take the water plane off from airport to our hotel but it probably would have taken only 2/3 mins?) So we didn’t and… the cost is pretty steep/
And we arrived at our hotel!!!! Friendly and warm customer service officers came greeting us with a cold towel and a cooling drink while they get us all checked in into our rooms.
Btw.. Maldivians are so nice and friendly, I was actually taken aback for awhile. Everyone strangers included, will greet you with a smile and a Hi.

I don’t have a proper photo but trust me it was as pretty as this! The rooms are clean and pretty well maintained. When we came, it was newly built.

Unlike other resorts which are exclusive and private (you won’t be able to experience these kind of cultural immersions), Maafushi island is dominated by the locals and we were lucky enough to be able to talk and interact with them, buy some local snacks (coconut and salted fish, not to our liking but definitely worth a try)

and cycle around the island. (since the bicycle is free from the hotel!!)
We came across Police post/ School and Prison and getting fascinated throughout.
It was sunny but it wasn’t humid – we were burnt but it was worth it!

Itinerary of our days there is seen below.

0800hrs Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight check in to Maldives
0935hrs Board plane TR2502
1120hrs Estimated time of arrival at Male, Ibrahim Nasir Intl Airport
Proceed for immigration clearance. Transfer to Maafushi Island by private speed boat
1200hrs Lunch at own expense
1400hrs Explore village / Swimming
1700hrs Wash up (Sunset watching)
1800hrs Dinner at Hotel
1900hrs Rest and Relax / Spa Massage


0900hrs Breakfast at hotel.
1000hrs Check out water activties at Maafushi Island & Book
1100hrs Hang around at the beach (Soak under the sun)
1300hrs Lunch at own expense
1400hrs Do one water activity (Snorkeling)
1800hrs Wash up (Sunset watching)
1900hrs Dinner
2000hrs Night fishing


0900hrs Breakfast at hotel.
1000hrs One water Activity (Fishing trip/ Dolphin cruise)
1200hrs Lunch at own expense (Picnic at the beach)
1700hrs Wash up.
1900hrs Dinner at hotel
2000hrs Night swimming (the best part about the hotel – we can swim at any time of the day!!)


0900hrs Breakfast at hotel.
1000hrs Scuba Diving
1200hrs Lunch at own expense
1300hrs One water activtiy (Para-sailing/ Banana boat)
1700hrs Wash up
1900hrs Dinner at hotel
2000hrs Activities around the Resort/ pool/ billiard @ Kaani Beach Hotel
(we went on a bike going around town with the locals- some adventure is good, yes? hehe)


0900hrs Breakfast at hotel.
1000hrs Cycling around the village (Explore village where locals live/ interaction)
1200hrs Lunch at own expense
1300hrs Soak under the sun @ the beach / Swimming
1700hrs Wash up (Sunset watching)
1900hrs Candlelight dinner by the beach USD$30 per pax
2000hrs Night Picnic


0900hrs Breakfast at hotel.
1000hrs Check out and transfer back to Male, Ibrahim Naseer Intl Airport
1030hrs Buy Lunch, Souvenirs/ Hand gifts shopping (We did not get gifts because it was expensive but we brought back beautiful paintings on shells and canvas as memento)
1130hrs Check in @ gate
1210hrs Board plane TR2503 back to Singapore
2000hrs Back in Singapore

Did the itinerary before we went / couldn’t fathom how it would be like once we reached,
but we did tweak the plans here and there according to the schedule of the activities.
More photos on my flickr –

And well, ask me/ comment below if you’ve any questions.
(Talk to me, I might be able to give you some discounts on their water sport activities)
Will be ready to help and get you rolling!

Maldives is a Muslim country, so take note. When we went over, we were SO READY to strut off with just bikini day in and day out, but as mentioned before, Maafushi Island that I recommended is a local island.

Therefore we were advised to dress modestly while walking around.
We wore our bikinis only during water activities and to the beach to soak up some sun.
Otherwise it’s good to wrap some shawl or cloth around.
The Maldives sun is a killer, so ladies and gentlemen, please slap some moisturizer and layer it off with sunscreen. What I enjoyed most was the fact that the locals were nice and we could learn a thing or two on their culture and experience the way they live their lives. They are so friendly and polite in terms of customer service, although, they can improve on their service in the restaurants. Most of our nights there we had to wait for at least an hour before the food arrives, and although it came gradually… from the appetizers to the main course and desserts, we felt that it could have been improved. On some days when we’re very hungry it was unbearable but they were too nice and friendly so we were like “yeah let’s not be a b**** and wait patiently” On a side note, it was good to wait and chill- escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore to the laidback and tranquil Maldives. So…. If you know you’re going to get hungry at 7, go over to the restaurant at 6!
In Maldives, alcohol / pornography / pork are forbidden. Well coming from a diverse and multi – cultural country it was shocking but definitely an eye opener how strict their country is. So don’t say I don’t tell you, but if you’re at Maafushi Island there’s no way you can buy alcohol. Unless if you’re in another resort, French –owned perhaps then yup most probably you can get it.
Some may ask, what’s the difference between sea bungalows / and the hotel I suggested?
Well for sea bungalows, setting on stilts (mostly) over crystal clear lagoon evokes a thrill of romance than the ones on land, but personally (with an objective that this is for the low-budget travellers) there’s not much difference.
Where we’re staying, it was 2-3 minutes away from the beach.
We could walk out anytime we want and the beach is still as clear as crystal.
Activities wise, there are really many water sport activities to choose from! We were there for 6 days, and we were not short of any water sports, in fact we wished we were there longer! As compared to exclusive resorts, prices are way cheaper at Maafushi Island and they’re all charged in USD. Except for the small convenience stores (yes there is!!! And they sell all sorts of snacks) they might charge you in their Maldivians currency – Rufiyaa. But don’t fear, you can pay in USD; they will convert and return you back in Rufiyaa! (Which you can keep for souvenirs, it’s pretty cool)
I Hope you have enjoyed and find her story interesting.
However do take note that the Following is based on Raudah Yusoff very own personal experiences.
As Fellow Adventurer,Traveler,Globetrotter,Backpacker,we create our own experience and i would really hope to hear your experience and will be glad to share your story to the world.
Once again,do HOLLER at the bottom of my page or you may email me at .
Peace Out !!!!


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